What to know about the Mia Reef Resort

I just returned from an amazing trip to the little island of Isla Mujeres! I stayed at the all inclusive Mia Reef and here’s what you need to know before booking!


Mia Reef is located on the northern tip of Isla Mujeres on it’s own tiny island. Surrounded by water on all sides with easy access to the island’s most popular beach, Playa Norte, Mia Reef’s location is hard to beat!

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Once you’ve arrived on the island your first order of business is to flag down a taxi to take you to Mia Reef. There will be taxi drivers lined up outside the ferry entrance waiting for customers day or night so transportation is never a problem.

Plan on paying your taxi driver in pesos or dollars. Be sure to negotiate the price before your driver loads your bags in the trunk. Since Mia Reef is only about a mile from the ferry I agreed to pay $5 for the taxi ride.


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The whole vibe of Isla Mujeres is very chill and laid back and the Mia Reef is no different. If you’re looking for a resort with a party atmosphere or a jam packed schedule of events, Mia Reef is probably not for you.

That being said, Mia does offer some great on-site activities! There are kayaks, snorkel gear and bicycles available to all guests free of charge.

I had a great time riding my bike around town and to the South side of the island to explore Punta Sur!

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I also had a blast snorkeling around the resort and found an impressive amount of tropical fish under the bridge area leading to Mia Reef.

In fact, the snorkeling around Mia Reef is so good, many tours bring their paying guests to snorkel here!

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Mia Reef snorkeling, Isla Mujeres snorkeling

Since there are virtually no waves and the water remains shallow, it’s a great beach for young children to play, snorkel or try kayaking!

There is entertainment every evening in the main bar area. Entertainment ranged from dance lessons, to quiz show type contests that the whole family could participate in.

For information on off resort sites, tours and activities during your stay in Isla Mujeres, check out my posts here and here.


The Mia Reef has been recently remodeled and I loved the updated, trendy vibe of the place. Everything was clean and in good repair during my stay.

I booked a Deluxe Ocean View Room via the Mia Reef website (operated by Vacation Store of Miami) for the incredible price of only $149/night with two Queen beds and a balcony that had a spectacular view of the ocean.

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The beds were comfortable and on the firm side, which I prefer.

The bathroom was nice and updated but very small. For a room that is able to accommodate up to 4 people the size did seem inadequate. Minimal counter and storage space and just a shower stall.

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The food is one area where I feel Mia Reef could improve. The main restaurant called Sarimar serves breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet style. There were different themed nights that always included a variety of meat, seafood and occasionally pasta.

There is also a poolside snack bar that serves nachos, chips and salsa, pizza, and hot dogs etc. Perfect for the kids or a mid afternoon snack.

I’ll be honest in saying that although the variety offered at Sarimar and the snack bar is adequate, the food felt a bit more cafeteria quality than resort quality.

The one place where you will get a true fine dining experience is at Las Marias. This is the reservation only restaurant that offers more high end dishes and is sure to please your inner foodie! Please note there is a dress code, so no shorts allowed. Pack accordingly!

All in all I had a spectacular time visiting Isla Mujeres and staying at the Mia Reef. The laid back vibe, beautiful water, friendly staff and affordability more than make up for what Mia lacks in food excellence.

Please feel free to comment below or email me with any questions you have about Mia Reef or about Isla Mujeres in general!







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  1. Tara | 5th Feb 18

    I am falling in love with this spot in Mexico! All of the pictures show the crystal clear caribbean water that I crave! Fun hotel room too!! I love it!

    • Lisa | 5th Feb 18

      It really is a spectacular spot! And so affordable too! Had such a great time here! 🙂

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