Hello! We are the Traveling Neighbor family and we are so glad you’re here! We are the average family next door who loves to see, do and explore!

Our mission is to provide honest reviews and recommendations of places we visit to help you plan your next day trip, weekend away or family vacation!

Meet the Family:

Big Papi ~The father of this crew, Big Papi is his nickname and he embraces it fully. He loves music, his electric guitar, mountain biking, going on adventures, chatting with strangers and his family.

Lisa ~ Mom, author of this blog and travel master planner. She loves reading novels, doing jigsaw puzzles, not cooking and planning her family’s next day trip, weekend away or weeklong excursion.

Xander ~ Our witty, beach loving 8th grader who loves long boarding, soccer and track. He’s a fountain of random facts and trivia, has lots of opinions and is always right about everything. Xander’s favorite place to be is anywhere with sun, sand and surf.

Maya  ~ Our kind hearted, perfectionistic 7th grader. She loves lacrosse, running cross country, hanging with friends, sleepovers and mint chocolate chip ice cream. Amusement parks are her favorite way to spend a vacation.

Sienna ~ Our fun and feisty 5th grader who loves action, adventure, soccer and bossing her younger brothers around. Sienna is part fish so her favorite part about any vacation is the water!

Zion ~ Our brave and energetic 1st grader who often leaps before he looks. He loves trying new things, whether it’s a new amusement park ride, new city or new food. You can’t ask him to choose a favorite part about traveling because he loves it all!

Braden ~ Our sweet and shy 1st grader who’s a bit on the cautious side. He likes to observe before he dives in to a new experience.  Braden’s favorite part about any trip is the pool. If he has his swim trunks, some pool toys and his goggles he’s happy.

Despite our large family status, we have decided that creating memories by traveling and having shared experiences is a priority!

We aren’t fancy and most of the places we visit, we’ll be driving our trusty minivan and using our discount coupons, proving that you don’t have to have a ton of cash to be that neighbor who always travels!

Thanks for traveling along with us!